How to Choose the Perfect Tree to Give as a Gift

More and more people are now choosing to give trees and plants as a gift, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is a tree a gift that looks impressive, but it’s also eco-friendly, long-lasting, and, in the case of some, will provide your recipient with annual harvests too!

Struggling to find the perfect tree to gift? Here’s how to choose one that your recipient will love and cherish.


Consider Size

The smaller the tree, the easier it will be to give as a gift. Plus, it’s often better to plant smaller specimens, since larger trees can sometimes struggle when transplanted.

However, there’s no denying that a larger tree definitely makes more of an impact. If your recipient has a large garden, then feel free to go all out with a sprawling, mature specimen. If your recipient is tight on space, then a smaller potted tree would be your best bet.


Consider Climate

There’s no point buying a tropical tree for someone who lives in a non-tropical climate – unless they’re prepared to dedicate a significant amount of time to keep that tree alive, then your gift probably won’t last for very long.

If your recipient lives in an area that experiences winter frosts, then a cold-hardy tree, such as a Yucca Filifera, would be best. Alternatively, if your recipient lives in a warm region, then go with a semi-tropical tree, such as the Tahitian Lime Tree.


Pick a Low-Maintenance Tree

Unless you know for certain that your recipient is prepared to commit to a needy tree, a low-maintenance alternative would be a better choice. Chances are that this will be much more appreciated – after all, everyone loves a tree that doesn’t require much to thrive.

While this does limit your options slightly, there are some fantastic low-maintenance feature trees out there to choose from. The Grass Tree is one of our favourites, as is the Queensland Bottle Tree.


Ornamental, Edible, or Both?

Some trees are grown purely for their ornamental qualities, while others are favoured for the crops that they produce. However, there are also a handful of trees out there that do both – they look exquisite and also grow delicious fruits that your recipient will be able to enjoy each year.

Hopefully, you’ll already have an idea of the fruits that your recipient does or doesn’t like. If you don’t, some quick research on their social media accounts may tell you what you need to know. Does your recipient love mangoes? Get them a mango tree. If your recipient prefers olives, then an olive tree will likely be very much appreciated. Again, both of these trees are easy to care for, making them ideal for fruit fans.


Trees really do make a fantastic gift, so long as you choose the right one. Spend some time picking a tree that your recipient will love and your gift will be one that they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!


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