WATCH: Botanical Tour – Part 1

Watch while Tony walks around and chats about the specimens in a private botanical garden on which Designer Trees is working, really amusing!


Another African blue cycad in the background. It’s quite an amazing specimen.

When you crowd them in they actually get good height.

Yeah. Even the stump on it, the kernel on it, has got quite big.

Yeah. And that green leafy thing, on the other side of it.


It’s a Melianthus Major. It comes up, gets nine foot tall in the summertime and a big red flower, but then dies back.


It hasn’t died back at the moment because we’ve been getting so much water.

Wow. Where did you get this Nolina from?


Yeah. Right.


Dreamy. Dreamy, he doesn’t have specimens like this.

Edmund. This way. No, that one’s turned out good.

This is a Nolina nelsonii.


Bigelovii, actually. Quite an amazing specimen, by Designer Trees. Quite spectacular.


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