WATCH: Hedging a Glauca grass tree


Okay, good morning guys. I just want to show you quickly how we harvest these trees, and how we trim them right back. This goes with anyone that’s bought a Xanthorrhoea from us, and this is how we would trim them. Initially, if they’ve got the brown skirts on them like this, this is obviously due to the fire, what we’ll do, we’ll trim them nice and shy. Start her up. To give you an idea.

So for anyone that’s got a Xanthorrhoea in their yard and they want to trim it up that’s how we trim them up. Obviously, for harvesting what we do we like to take the tops off them, so we’ll go through that process, but that’s how we trim our glaucas. Keep them up on a nice 45 degree angle. A couple of these leaves could also be taken off here. These little brown ones. We like to keep them up at a nice 45 degrees. It makes them look brand new. Nothing like a nice fresh haircut, so good luck guys.


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